Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Missed Opportunities

Damn... I shoulda taken a shot at this one when it was first posted. Mighta been a cool one to get on...

From: Sean Laverty 
Subject: Looking for an SGI admin in LA
Date: 1998/06/15
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Organization: South Park
Newsgroups: comp.sys.sgi.misc,comp.sys.sgi.admin,comp.sys.sgi.marketplace,comp.unix.admin

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Wanted: Systems Administrator for South Park
        CG Animated Production

  Looking for an experienced systems administrator to
help set up an manage a fully digital animated
production.  Duties will involve supporting 50-100
artists and production personnel, developing tools
for shot tracking and rendering, render wrangling,
and the management of several terabytes of database
and image data.  The data management will involve
continuous film and video data transefers.

- Experience required with:

  SGI/Irix workstations and servers, Linux, Windows95,
  NT, and Mac administration
  IP/Appletalk network administration
  Tape operations
  Perl, c/c++ programming
  Alias/Wavefront administration/support

- Experience helpful with:

  Tape library management
  SQL database configuration and management
  ATM/Ethernet internetwork configuration and management
  HTML/web page development
  email server administration
  Legato NetWorker backup software
  Photoshop and Corel Draw administration/support
  DDR operations
  Avid administration/support

- Production experience helpful
- Positive dispostion and good communication skills are   

  We are located in Marina Del Rey, Ca.

  Please email resume to or fax
  to (310) 302-1601.


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