Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Hate Moving (Especially to New Workspaces/Computers)

I needed a new laptop but I hate moving into a new computer. So much to do to recreate your prior environment and get functional:

  • HP-specific Drivers: installed
  • Windows Updates: installed
  • A/V: Installed
  • Chrome: Installed (but, not my extensions)
  • PuTTY: Installed
  • ThunderBird: TBD
  • Cygwin/X: In progress
  • Trillian: Trying the 5beta
  • Office: Installed
  • Gimp: TBD
  • Others: (As I Notice They're Missing)

And, of course, it's exacerbated by having to move from one OS (Windows Vista) to a new one (Windows 7), having to deal with a new keyboard layout (this laptop has a US101 full) and feel, new display characteristics, etc. Bleah. THEN I need to copy over documents from my old system (before I flatten it and re-OS it with Linux).

This is where virtualization is helpful (though, eventually, you still gotta do OS upgrades).


Oh well, at least I'm moving from a single core 2GHz system to a quad 2.67GHZ system. Still gotta sort out the memory as 4GB appears to be "missing". At least I've got three years of onsite hardware support, if needed.

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