Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nie Mówię po Polski

FaceBook seems really earnest in wanting to help me find friends. It's always giving me "helpful" suggestions on who I might be interested connecting with through FaceBook. Usually, it, at least, recommends people that are already friends to one or more people I already know. Sometimes... Sometimes, I have no freaking clue why it suggests them to me.

Today's was a perfect case in point. When I looked at the suggestion, all I could think was, "um, FaceBook? Why would you suggest someone with no friends in common (nor a common language) as a friend suggestion?" I mean, I could see, maybe if we had a LOT of likes in common. But, even then, if there's no indication that I am in any way shape or form culturally or linguistically compatible with this person, why suggest them. I mean, I definitely do not speak Polish. I don't forsee having much to say to someone who's every communiqué I have to run through Google Translate.

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