About Photos

I use a number of photos on this site. Granted, not every post is accompanied by photos (probably less than 10% of them). However, of those photos, the ones not taken with my camera (the EXIF data will tell you where the photo came from) or friends' cameras, are sourced through a Google image search. I know that links tend to die, or, people cranky about their bandwith get irritated if you hotlink. So, I download those images and then post those downloaded copies via   Googles/Bloggers photo upload option. If I've ganked your picture and you don't want it shown here (or want credit, linkback to the original, whatever), just send me a friendly email. I'll be more than happy to accommodate your wishes.

However, if you do send me such an email, please be the actual rights-holder for that image and not just someone who copied it from somewhere else. If we're going to deal with ownership, lets do it the right way.

Thanks in advance...