Friday, September 11, 2015

Fix-em' Up

Good article:

Fix-em' Up

The reason I bought an HP Zbook instead of the HP Omen was that the ZBook is user-serviceable.

I'd made my previous EliteBook last for five and a half years because I could get replacement keyboards, wifi cards and upgrade-parts either from the vendor, Amazon or eBay.

The Omen was _not_ user serviceable. I couldn't even do something as simple as swapping out the damned hard drive without an HP repair kit, since the only way to open it was to sever some glued-on parts, first.

And what were factors in recent phone purchases? The ability to swap out batteries and SD cards.

Planned obsolescence is semi-fine for a toaster or a hairdryer. But the further north of $100 you go, the less acceptable it is to not be user-serviceable.