Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cloud, The Vogon Way

Me: "I'd like to be able to send account-validation emails to people who register to my bug-tracking system".
AWS Dox: "Sure... but if you mail direct, most sites will treat your email as spam"
Me: "Ok... How do I get around that"

AWS Dox: "Well, you can relay through SES"

Me: "Cool. Lemme go set that up."

AWS-SES: "Rejected!"

Me: "Your SMTP message is a bit vague - are you rejecting the relay because of the sender or the recipient?"


AWS Dox: "To relay with SES you have to validate senders - or sender-domains - and recipients"

Me: "Ok... The SES console says my domain is validated and that any sender in the domain should be good."


Me: "Guess that means the rejection message applied to the recipients. Lemme verify a recipient ...even though that makes SES crap as a smart-relay"


Me: "Fuck... I only validated the recipient in one region and the rejecting relay is in another. Lemme verify my recipient in _multiple_ regions, then ...You do realize this makes SES a real horror-show for smart-relay services, right?"


Me: "What the actual fuck??" (dig through shitty AWS dox some more) "Srsly? I gotta validate my domain in each region I want to relay through SES??"

I swear: Vogons had to have consulted on the design of some of AWS's service-components.

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