Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saving the Movie-Going Experience

Today, I was reading this article and thinking, "as an adult with disposable income who still goes to the movies at least once a month, I will damned-well stop going if I have to put up with assholes texting throughout the movie". I'm not going to continue to spend $12-15/seat if I have to put up with texting and other, related annoyances during those movies. Good luck with allowing texting to sufficiently increase the youth audience to counter-balance people like me boycotting the "theatre experience".

And, by the way, ticket prices play a HUGE role in the decision to see a movie. I can tolerate paying $12-15/seat for a movie if the experience is generally worth the price. However, when taking my wife to the movies is a $20/hr proposition, the bar on the quality of the experience is even higher.

I've got NetFlix at home. It sets me back $10/month. If I happen to select a movie that sucks, I can terminate the movie, go back to the selection-menu and try again with the only thing lost being time. Can't do that at the local googolplex. If I choose the wrong movie, I'm out $20-40 and my evening's pretty much ruined.

So, yeah. Hollywood needs to do something to make the gamble associated with movie-going either being a surer or more low-cost bet. Otherwise, just not a lot of point making the gamble.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


How do you know when someone is "office hot"? When you work in an building of several thousand people, 80% of whom are male, "office hot" is the well-dress but merely (real world) ok-looking chick trailing 4+ sadly desperate-looking guys behind her every time she's in a public area (the cafeteria at lunch, between meetings, from and (especially) to the parking lot...

Seriously, guys: we live in a metro region that's more than 50% female. There's lots of women around, many of them rather hotter than the one you're looking for table scraps from. Just because she's bitching about her dickhead boyfriend to you over lunch doesn't mean she's going to be impressed by how nice you are and want to find an office supply closet to jump you in. You're just sad and (rather) obvious-looking when you're trailing her like a pack of clumsy puppies.