Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bad Commercials

Like any (relatively) normal person, there are commercials I like and commercials I don't like. In general, I prefer funny, clever and/or weird commercials and I fucking hate annoyingly stupid commercials. Right now, there's this commercial on - I can't remember whose commercial it is because I'm so annoyed by the content - that's been running frequently. It features this cloying family of helicopter parents cooing about their kids "activities" - talking about being mathletes and how "ballet season" is soon to start.

It makes me want to punch the actors and writers of the commercial in the head. Basically, I think that any person/actor/character that utters the term "mathlete" needs a punch through the skull.

Freakish Weather

I've been complaining, a lot, this year about our lack of a meaningful winter. It's been, for the most part, freakishly warm and utterly bereft of snow. It's not that I want my February cold, it's that I fear what August will be like when it's frequently warmer than 60° in February.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DoNotCall? How about "DoNotBother"?

When the feds first came out with the Do Not Call registry, a few years ago, I signed up immediately. And, for the most part, all seemed good. The only tele-spam I got was the stuff that's allowed (political canvasing, charity, and businesses that I already have a direct association with).  And, because I don't generally give out my phone number to anyone, I pretty much never got calles.

For the last several months, however, I've been getting tele-spam from some company down in Florida. They seem to go by variations on the name/initials, "WCA". Whenever I punch their numbers into a Google search, it invariably points to various tele-spam complaint forums.

Their calls fall squarely into the rules defined as "not allowed" and "not excepted" (and, no, I don't mean "accepted" - I mean that the nature of their calls isn't in the list of rule-exceptions). So, each time they call, I immediately browse on over to DoNotCall.Gov and file a complaint.

I'm on my fourth complaint, at this point. Yet, the calls keep coming. So, I have to ask, "does filing a complaint with actually accomplish anything?" I'm tired of WCA's bullshit robo-calls. If the Do Not Call registry actually means something, these guys should be getting sanctioned. What's more, they should be getting sanctioned at a rate that is high enough to make their activities unprofitable, not just at a rate that can be accepted as "the cost of doing business".

Oh well, I guess the whole Do Not Call thing was yet another one of those "do something for votes, just don't do anything meaningful" types of things.

My Friend, "Too Fat"

A friend was lamenting his weight gain of recent years. And was saying he thought it was time to do something about it. To justify the "do something", he started rattling off a bunch of "you know it's time, when...".

I was amused by some of the items on his list, so, I decided to add some of my own. I'm not sure he was amused when I added, "when your belly button has an event-horizon, it's time to go on a diet."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weird Things Online

I've the feeling Donna would want one of these for her collection:

Found at Gorey Details

The Joys of Interoperability

Like many large-scale and collaborative operations, we have need of replicated common file-stores. The method we'd been using was fine from a collaborative standpoint, but not so good from a replication standpoint. So, the onwer of the repository opted to move the repository to a new server so that a replication solution could be used.

Unfortunately, the default security settings on the new server made it so the share wasn't usable from Linux clients or from Windows clients not joined to the same domain as the share server. I found the fix and wrote up a page on the subject. But still: I really shouldn't have to bust out regedit (and reboot) just to mount a CIFS export.