Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saving the Movie-Going Experience

Today, I was reading this article and thinking, "as an adult with disposable income who still goes to the movies at least once a month, I will damned-well stop going if I have to put up with assholes texting throughout the movie". I'm not going to continue to spend $12-15/seat if I have to put up with texting and other, related annoyances during those movies. Good luck with allowing texting to sufficiently increase the youth audience to counter-balance people like me boycotting the "theatre experience".

And, by the way, ticket prices play a HUGE role in the decision to see a movie. I can tolerate paying $12-15/seat for a movie if the experience is generally worth the price. However, when taking my wife to the movies is a $20/hr proposition, the bar on the quality of the experience is even higher.

I've got NetFlix at home. It sets me back $10/month. If I happen to select a movie that sucks, I can terminate the movie, go back to the selection-menu and try again with the only thing lost being time. Can't do that at the local googolplex. If I choose the wrong movie, I'm out $20-40 and my evening's pretty much ruined.

So, yeah. Hollywood needs to do something to make the gamble associated with movie-going either being a surer or more low-cost bet. Otherwise, just not a lot of point making the gamble.

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