Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DoNotCall? How about "DoNotBother"?

When the feds first came out with the Do Not Call registry, a few years ago, I signed up immediately. And, for the most part, all seemed good. The only tele-spam I got was the stuff that's allowed (political canvasing, charity, and businesses that I already have a direct association with).  And, because I don't generally give out my phone number to anyone, I pretty much never got calles.

For the last several months, however, I've been getting tele-spam from some company down in Florida. They seem to go by variations on the name/initials, "WCA". Whenever I punch their numbers into a Google search, it invariably points to various tele-spam complaint forums.

Their calls fall squarely into the rules defined as "not allowed" and "not excepted" (and, no, I don't mean "accepted" - I mean that the nature of their calls isn't in the list of rule-exceptions). So, each time they call, I immediately browse on over to DoNotCall.Gov and file a complaint.

I'm on my fourth complaint, at this point. Yet, the calls keep coming. So, I have to ask, "does filing a complaint with actually accomplish anything?" I'm tired of WCA's bullshit robo-calls. If the Do Not Call registry actually means something, these guys should be getting sanctioned. What's more, they should be getting sanctioned at a rate that is high enough to make their activities unprofitable, not just at a rate that can be accepted as "the cost of doing business".

Oh well, I guess the whole Do Not Call thing was yet another one of those "do something for votes, just don't do anything meaningful" types of things.

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