Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blogging as Mental Barometer?

Mood/mental state definitely effects my writing output. Throughout 2010, with the exception of the week that I was at sea, I was averaging nearly 40 posts to my BlogSpot per week (with some weeks producing as much as 60-80 posts). My production, this year seems to be less than ten per week (with last week being completely post-free).


Dunno how much of the current mental state is related to the loss of our dog Lana; how much is related to the terminal cancer diagnosis for my dog, Puckett (though, the week following that diagnosis was a "no posts" week); or, how much is related to other "life-pressures". Clearly, however, 2011 is, thus far, not a good year for expressing myself (I believe my already low spoken-word and other types of output are markedly down, as well).


Interesting. I'll have to keep a watch on things and see how closely it tracks.

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