Thursday, March 17, 2011

Air-Quotes Required

So, watched the Flyers drop another game to another mediocre team in OT. They played against the Atlanta Thrashers.

Can someone tell my why Atlanta has a hockey team? More people show up to the average D.I.Y. show at the local punk club than show up for a Thrashers game. I mean, I really think the arena-owners need to paint the seats to look like people are sitting in them. 

Every so often, the game announcers were mention how the fans really thought there should be a call there. Or the fans seemed really unhappy about that one. Or how plays like that really make the fans stand up in their seats.

I mean, the place was s fucking ghost-town. I have to wonder, are sportscasters required to use air-quotes whenever talking about "the crowd" at Atlanta Thrashers games? I'm pretty sure if I were in their place, I'd be pantomiming quotes any time I mentioned "the crowd", there.


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