Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Iconic Jerseys?

So, I'm watching the Flyers play the Tampa Bay Lightning. Unfortunately, NHL Center Ice had picked the Tampa coverage to carry (it seems the Philly coverage is rarely chosen - I can only guess that CSN Philly charges more for their feed than most other broadcasters).

Next year, Tampa is going to be giving season ticket holders RFID-equipped jerseys. The jerseys will act as the wearers' tickets and also be tied to their credit cards (or whatever) so that everything in the arena can be taken car of with a simple swipe over the RFID's location. Kind of neat but also rather creepy.

Creepiness aside, the thing that stuck out in this whole segment was how jazzed the ownership was about the new jersey design for next year. To me it looked like rubbish, but, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," I guess. At any rate, the people responsible for this design were going on and on about how they were trying to achieve an "iconic design" in the class of the New York Yankees' pinstripes. All I could think was, "what a freaking joke... You're a hockey team in TAMPA: how the hell do you think you're EVER going to be as iconic as a team like the Yankees?" I mean, yeah, great thing to strive for, but, c'mon. It strikes me as one of those "world famous in Poland" kind of deals.

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