Sunday, January 16, 2011

Relative Measures

So, I posted to my FaceBook friends list, "which is bigger: a shitload or a fuckload? A regular fuckload or a metric fuckload?" I mean, FaceBook's the place where you post questions of earth-shattering importance right? Wait, that's Yahoo Questions... Oh well. I got the following responses:

    • McG
        Does a fuckton figure in any of that?
      Yesterday at 12:54am · 

    • PPC

      a fuckload is larger than a shitload. A shitload is simply a large amount a fuckload is an extremely large amount. In sequence it is:
      A squirt
      a Piss full = 8 squirts
      A crapload = 4 piss fulls
      A Shitoad = 2 craploads
      A fuckload = 4 shitloads

      A metric fuckload is a misnomer the proper term is Metric fuckton which is a measure of weight not volume

      Yesterday at 1:02am ·  ·  1 person

    • DGP
       Typically, my shitloads are larger than my fuckloads.
      Yesterday at 6:15am · 

  • Which, really, is far more informative of a response than I'd expected.

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