Saturday, January 1, 2011

Too Bully

In the image below is 42lbs of tough, waggly dog. This picture was taken while she was trying to use the "Doggy Mind Trick" to convince me that the pizza crust I had should be hers:



Sorry, dear, but such tricks don't work on me.


At 42lbs, this little beast is strong. Thus far, she's figured out how to break out of both of our dog crates. Initially, we'd thought she'd bashed her way out. Turns out, she's actually been yanking her way out. The second time she'd gotten out of one of the cages, the cage door was wedged inward. Couldn't figure that one out until today, when she noticed that she was being weird with her mouth. On investigation, there's a chip out of one of her lower fangs. Apparently, she chipped it while yanking the door in with her mouth.


Damned dog


Oh well: she's an appointment with the vet, Monday. Not looking forward to what doggy-dentistry is likely to cost.

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