Sunday, January 2, 2011

(Hopefully) Poor Career Decision

Let me start by saying, "I fucking hate the 'Hyundai for the Holidays' sales campaign." I hate how frequently they've been playing it. I hate the fact that they're playing Christmas music well past Christmas. I hate the fact that this thing doesn't end until the 3rth (such that I can look forward to being continually pissed off by it, till then). I fucking hate the soulless hipsters that Hyundai chose to play music and act in the commercial campaign.

In fact, I hate those soulless hipsters so much I actually bothered to Google-about so I could find out who they were. Turns out that they're "Pomplamoose" and Nataly Dawn is the soulless, dead-eyed chick singing for them. And, just for added insult to injury, I found out that they do cover's of an equally overplayed and annoying performer, Lady Gaga.

Here's hoping they die in a fire.

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