Monday, January 3, 2011

Doggy Dentistry

So, we recently got a new daig. Unfortunately, we got a dog with the combination of strength, stubbornness and a desire to not stay in her cage. Three times, we've found her out and loose in the room that we'd left her crated in. The most recent episode, upon investigating the crate she'd escaped from, the door of the crate was pulled inward rather than powered outward.

Apparently, the usual "bash it open" approach hadn't worked, so she used her mouth to yank it inward. Unfortunately, we noticed, today, that she was licking her lips, a lot. Upon investigation, we noticed that one of her fangs was chipped to the pulp.


Donna took her to the vet. Stoopid NewDawg needs to either get the tooth pulled or, have several $1000s worth of root-canal. I love my dog, but, I can't really afford a root-canal for her, right now. So, yank it is. She goes in for the extraction, Friday.

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