Saturday, January 1, 2011

Better Names for Shows

National Geographic Network has this show called "Locked Up Abroad." It's episode after episode showing how people ended up in foreign prisons. Invariably, as the stories unfold, you can't help but scream at the "victims" of the foreign incarcerations, "you fucking deserved it!" I mean, for starters, each of them got arrested for doing something illegal. And, we're not just talking illegal in the country they got arrested in, we're talking illegal in their home countries, as well. And, secondly, so many of the stories seem to feature episodes where things were going wrong, not according to plan or just otherwise left the arrestees with an uneasy feeling long before the cops come for them. Seriously: how stupid can you get. You fucking deserved to be locked up abroad. With the level of stupidity you've shown, you deserved to be locked up and neutered where you stand.

I really think that National Geographic should have just named the show "Stupid People Arrested". It would have been just as accurate as naming it "Locked Up Abroad" and it would really let people flipping through the channel guide know what was going on. Then again, they might have just thought it was NatGeo's version of "Cops".

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