Wednesday, January 12, 2011

But It's Not Even Monday!

So, this morning, my alarm goes off at its appointed time. Today, that was 0700 (ish: I'm one of those weirdos who sets my clock ahead anywhere from 10-15 minutes, so, looking at my alarm clock's time is only an approximation). In my sleep haze, my arm shot out, blindly, to silence the ringing of my clock - the key word here is "blindly". I was attempting to snooze my alarm (as I don't wake up quickly and often need two, three, or more screams from the alarm). Unfortunately, on my bedstand, is a bottle of lotion in a pump dispenser. Instead of hitting my snooze button, my hand found the pump. My sleep-haze didn't really allow me distinguish a difference in the sensation of touching the snooze button and the pump-top. That is, I didn't distinguish until the results of pushing down on the pump-top. That woke me right the hell up. No need to snooze the alarm multiple times. Probably hadn't helped that the lotion was ice-cold from our habit of leaving the bedroom open in the dead of winter...

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