Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Can't Believe I Put That In My Mouth

Jelly Belly's coconut-flavored jelly beans taste like accidentally getting tanning lotion in your mouth. Ech.

Red Dwarf vs. ...

A "Red Dwarf" (season 7) marathon was a better option than what was available on cable/FiOS, today.

Where's the Rest?

Just been presented with a glass of chianti ...Reasonably certain that fava beans are not to follow (thankfully).

Tattoos on Covert Operatives

If you're a spy, a criminal, a terrorist or anyone who needs to remain unidentifiable: does it make any sense to have any/lots of tattoos? Any time I see movies (from the modern era) that depict super criminals and terrorists as being tattooed or otherwise exceptional/memorable, It just makes me shake my head. I mean, how super (i.e. "successful") can you be in a covert operations field if you're easily identifiable? It feels like identifiability is inversely-proportional to ability to be covert.

Television Wasteland

It's a bad time for TV when Triple X is the best thing on.

Cynical Turns of Phrase

I'm one of the bajillion people that has a login on LinkedIn. I'm even part of a couple professional groups - mostly "alumni' type groups. That said, I occasionally get emails of the various groups' digests. In a couple of the groups, there's people that like to post about "social media strategy".

This has got to be one of the most cynical turns of phrases of the current tech era. I mean, I get that businesses are always looking for new ways to reach potential customers. But, this seems like such a bald-faced statement of looking to exploit things.

And, in particular, it seems cynical when applied to social media that were never really meant to be "direct advertising" avenues.

In the context of LinkedIn and other business-oriented sites, I get that you might want to have a social media strategy.

I get that you might even want people to "like" your products/pages on Facebook or to follow your "Tweets" on twitter. But, the reason that we, the people that participate in social media sites, fan/or follow someone is because it's entertaining to do so. So, really, there's not that much of a "strategy" to social media. Make your stuff fun and interesting and people will pay attention. Other than doing that and it comes off like you're trying to trick us into paying attention to you and THAT is what I find so cynical about "social media strategies".

Chemistry Be Damned

So, I'm looking at this year's off-season moves made by the Flyers. I look back at this last season, where we had a team that took till, pretty much, the playoffs to gel, and it seems like the Flyers' ownership/management is intentionally trying to create a team with no interest in winning.

First, we take a team that was 1 OT and one game away from getting a Stanley Cup, and make wholesale changes.

While I understand that we got to and through the playoffs on the backs of non "elite" goaltending, the effort to improve the team by way of goaltending was conspicuous in its absence. Still, the moves to create a 3-pair deep defensive core was understandable. Keep the pucks away from the goal tender and field a defensive grouping that opposing coaches can't juggle lines around is a sound strategy.

However, what I don't get is the moves that seem to be aimed at destroying any chemistry the team had.
Jody Shelly, by himself, isn't a horrible pickup. Paying Jody Shelly the kind of money they've chosen to - exacerbating their already tight cap space in the process - seems like a deliberate slap in the face of team members that produce more, have more heart and are paid considerably less. Carcillo's already gone to arbitration (almost assuredly) because of the Shelly "deal". Given the Flyers' track record, Carcillo's, now, not long for the Orange and Black.

The moves with respect to Gagne send the message that, no matter what agreements you have in place with a guy, no matter how much a player puts into being a team-guy, it means nothing. I understand pro sports are "a business", but there needs to be a certain level of respect shown, even in business. This shit's made a lie of the whole "team as family" thing that the Flyers have at least, previously, given lip-service to.

I have great fear that I'm going to be paying for another regular season of half-assed play. I don't, yet, see indications that I'm going to have a 2-month playoff run or Cup to make up for another half-assed season.

Long-lasting Snacks

A ham&cheese crepe and a blueberry muffin for breakfast really seems to carry you through the day.

Well, It Wasn't a Pixar Production

Heh... I'd assumed Despicable Me was a Dreamworks movie, given its quality. Still ...Easy to tell it wasn't a Pixar.

Guess It's More About Who *Didn't* Make It

In the end, Despicable Me was about what you expect from Dreamworks Animation. Ironically, it wasn't from Dreamworks. So, in the future, I guess I just need to remember to skip non-Pixar CG-animated titles.

Clue: It's Not Just Pretty Pictures

Dreamworks Animation is - on a storytelling level - a VERY poor substitute for Pixar. Animation's on par, but their storytelling SUUUUCKS. Sadly, Despicable Me was more like a Dreamworks production than a Pixar production. I know plenty of people liked it. But ..."meh": I couldn't even be bothered to remember who made it, other than to know, without looking, that it wasn't a Pixar.

Where'd the Day Go??

Weird. Came home from the farmers' market and was able to take a nice, multi-hour nap (woke up, for good, at 1600). 8hrs for the last 24.

Quantum Unity

It really makes one wonder whether different people have differing quantum makeups so as to have a greater or lesser presence of gravity about them.

Magnetic Personality?

There is an unusually high incidence of gravity-related events when Donna is around. :(

Is Umbrella Usage That Hard to Master

I really want to murder all the people that nearly ripped my eyes out or covered me with water with their inappropriate umbrella usage.

They're for OUTSIDE

Why does it not occur to most umbrella users to put their umbrellas down when they go into covered structures?

Rain Falls Further, thus, Hits Harder?

why are the people most likely to use umbrellas also the shortest ones?

Britney's Goth??

Always kinda funny to see the ├╝ber-goth bopping around to Britney Spears.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Organizing the Flood

So.. Might be easier (and better formatted) to delink Plurk and Twitter and just group post to both (rather than chain-posting)

Fun Product Names

There's something immensely amusing about seeing "Koch's Little Gobblers" in your supermarket's frozen-foods section.

Were it a more "shelf-stable" product, I'd have had to buy one for the collection (got some Korean SPAM that goes by the name "Assi", some instant "cock-flavored" soup mix, and a few other fun ones).


"Effen" vodka is effing good. Dutch know how to make vodka.

Learning to Farm

Apparently, insufficient calcium can cause Blossom-End Rot in larger tomatoes. Just bought and ground up a jar of Tums and spread on the tomato bed.

Cellular Voice Alternatives

So, if I wanted to ditch my voice plan and go straight data-only, is there a cell VOIP app that will allow me to received dialed calls? Thus far, everything seems to be oriented towards making calls. Some are data-based, some are voice-based. I've not found any that are true soft-phones (capable of receiving calls), yet.

Crashing into Limits

Dear Google:

Placing a limit on the number of GV numbers that can point to a phone is kinda sucktacular - but having 2 as the limit???

Wasted IMAX

Who the fuck thought it was necessary to see vampires "sparkle" in IMAX?? I mean, in general, I have a hard time with the vampires as conceptualized in the Twilight series. So, I have a hard time justifying them on regular celluloid. But IMAX???

Portable Tools

Damn... There's a Picasa-uploader plug-in for a LOT of other services. Loves me some single point of administration tools!

Party Preparations

May need to do a "scouting mission" to the DC Stadium Club to see if it's a good destination for a bachelor party. Any volunteer scouts?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear MicroSoft

Dear Microsoft:

Please update your Zune site. You disco'ed the Kin. No point having it mentioned on your site.

The Coming Flood

So, the impending flood of tomatoes is starting to hit. This was today's harvest. Theres countless other `maters of various kinds in various states of flowering and impending ripeness...

Oh... And hot peppers, too. Corn's coming ready in a few days, too.


My cats are rather vocal. Anyone that's ever visited our house has commented on how talkative they are at least once (frequently more than that). So, when taking pictures of our cats, it's not unusual that you will catch one or both of them talking. This is a picture where both were talking. Most likely, they were complaining about the strobe on the digital camera. End result: two cats that look like they recently put away a coupla doobs.

Bye-bye, Postie

Ok, so, with even the Feds avoiding using the USPS (, how long till USPS dries up and blows away?

Hop On the Kindle Train?

I wonder, "does my BlackBerry have enough memory (or screen res) to make installing the Kindle for BlackBerry app a useful exercise?"


If my cat's laying about, soaking up the sun, can I call him a loll-cat?

Like Silk-encrusted Lava

downside of grilling corn in husks is de-silking hot cobs of corn. OUCH!

Dear LinkedIn:

I get it - you're a "professional" social networking site. But, all the posts about "social media strategies" really gotta go.

Funny Words

There's still something snigger-worthy about saying the word "succotash"

Still... Rule 34

Even being fully aware of Rule 34, it's still (sometimes) possible to be surprised.

Sharpie w/o Drunkenness

Sometimes, you gotta wonder what Sharpie's annual sales figures would look like if it weren't for the consumption of alcohol.

Goofin' on Google

Google's StreetView images might be a lot more interesting if Google published their routes/schedules.

Dogs Don't Get Cultural References

Puckett goes from very excited and waggly to puzzled looking when I ask him, "did Timmy fall down the well, again".

Garden Hope

Garden watered. Maybe with the addition of water and a little less heat, today, things'll look a bit less wilt-y?

Personal Archeology

Ok, so, I've been posting my drivel all over teh Intarwebz for a long time, now...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All Signs Point to "Yes"

when there's nudity *IN* the opening credits, the movie that follows can't be all bad, right?

Beware of Sequels

S. Darko: not nearly so good as Donnie Darko.

I ♥ P2P

Blockbuster stock to be delisted from NYSE - CNET News:

Nazi Notifier

really fucking hate it when Thunderbird decides to update me on new content in my junk/spam folder. It's SPAM: I don't fucking care.

Marriage Perceptions

Sometimes, it feels like being married to someone with major head-trauma.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More NetFlix Attrocities

The movie, Hypersonic, is colossally bad. Never knew fighter jets were so freaking roomy!

The Photo Effort

290 pix in the first photo album. Gonna have to crop and resize them for posting.

Interesting Word Choice

according to the commercial I just saw, "only Hershey has chocolate facials". (*snicker*)

License from a Crackerjack Box

I wonder how much this Donna-oops is going to cost me on auto insurance rate increases

Summers in Hell

Ugh: 100-degree of actual heat plus 80% humidity. I loathve living in DC.

A Good Solution

there are far too many people out there that just need to be punched in the throat

Monday, July 5, 2010


it's always weird when cats talk in their sleep

Kernel of Truth

the AMC theatres at the Hoffman Center is a great place to see the genesis of some stereotypes

More Time I Can't Get Back

I'm thinking that "Year One" won't make my list of all time favorite movies. Perhaps not even my top ten from June 2009

She Meant Well

is it like an unwritten rule that the self-appointed family photo-documentarian has to be clueless with picture-taking?

When You *Survived* Childhood

nothing like looking back at old childhood pictures and realizing your childhood preceded fears of small parts or sharp edges.

Sublimely Summer

there is little that says "summer" quite so eloquently as a handful of sun-warmed, fresh-off-the-plant tomatoes.

Bonus Time

the good thing about having the Federal observance follow the holiday is it gives you a (extra) day to be pantsless.


sometimes, I wonder, why we've never seen a breakfast cereal called "Choco-gasms" on the store shelves.

So Much for the Bimbo Stereotype

so, "SuicideGirls: Guide to Living" really makes you wonder what the max IQ limit for being an SG is.

NetFlix Streaming: Always a Crapshoot

watching Trailer Park Boys: a movie about Canadian ex-con rednecks. Instant. Classic.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Picnics with Friends

nother awesome gathering at the Cook ranch. =)

Hate as a Driving Force

in looking back at childhood pictures, I sometimes wonder how may people got into teaching because they hated kids

Death Comes With Life

the problem with gardening: when you invite life in, death comes along as a stowaway.

Family Photo Albums

Something interesting about family photo albums. They can be at least as much a barometer of how you've changed as they can be of how your family and your world has changed.

I remember, as a kid, looking through family photo albums. It was always an interesting experience. Frequently it was a fun experience - probably because none of my family ever really delighted in capturing awkward or mortifyingly embarrassing moments. We really only had the photo albums of our immediate family (the ones full of pictures taken only since my father and mother had met and become serious). Yes, there were pictures of more extended family, but they were all in the context of family gatherings. As such, most of the people pictured were all alive; most still rather healthy. And, as a kid, most of the memories were still relatively fresh.

Now, I look through family albums and things are a bit different. The older generations of relatives have died off, so their albums are now ours. Even of my own, small family, there's death in the pages. I see cherished pets long gone. I see youth well past. I feel the lack of wholeness of the remaining "family". At this point, it's just my mother, my grandmother - who, thanks to strokes and alzheimers, isn't "all there" any more - and me. My dad's recently gone. My mom's dad is a couple years shy of two decades gone. My dad's dad is 28 years gone. I never knew my real grandmother, but the woman I knew as "Grandma Jones" has been gone for quite some time, as well (I saw to the dispersal of her ashes on a trip to England in 2000).

I've inherited the photo albums that my parents inherited as their families died. I don't know that those pictures will have a similar effect on me as I didn't really know any of the people in those pictures. The ones I did know in those pictures, I never knew as they were in those pictures. There's a sense of detached "history", but no real sense of loss.

I look at my own photos I've taken since leaving home, twenty-two years ago. There's not a lot of them and few actually document my life or activities. Mostly, they're of inconsequential things and little innate context. Lots of photos of pets. A number of photos of Donna. Very little in the ways of documentation of experiences, however. They're mostly "throwaways" for all the "content" they have.

And, in the end, none of it matters. The cargo of photos won't be passed on when I'm gone. No one to entrust them to - certainly no one that shares any of the memories my parents documented and no real memories captured in the ones I took to be shared by anyone that might pick through the remains. I suppose what it's collectively good at documenting is how ever-smaller family units eventurlly perish.

This scanning/archiving exercise is brutal. It's taking me forever to muster and maintain the energy to do it, and I'm only 200 photos in on a multi-thousand photo exercise. I'm hoping it gets easier as I expand out into memories and times and people that were not directly part of my experience. I'm hoping the lack of attachment to the faces of strangers makes it more an exercise in history and less an exercise in loss.

long day, tomorrow: gwintabed