Saturday, June 19, 2010

need to figure out a way to actually sleep in a long enough chunk to make the weekend disappear.
`nother bleak, wasteland of a weekend yawns before me.
came home and found that the corn was noticeably taller, more had the pollen stalks, and corn tassles were starting to sprout.
a 2 hour car ride with dogs that have, apparantly, been eating burnt tires is not the best way to spend the late afternoon
if it's 2PM on a friday afternoon and someone's walking down the street dressed like a whore, it's hard to assume they're anything but.
sometimes, it's just easier to put the brokenness back than to try to figure out how to fix it
note to self: always remember to ignore the "comments" sections on news sites.
mom's couch is amazingly warm to try to sleep on. Oh well. Least I had no trouble getting up in time.
Donna had major recliner-fail: she couldn't figure out how to put the footrest down and have it stay down
mom wants to get a Wii so she can do NetFlix streaming, but I think her HSI's too slow. Online service lookup tools are all broken, though.

Friday, June 18, 2010

so, along with the photo albums, mom found my great-grandfather Hassel's pocket watch (and it actually works!)
Math's a Wonderful Thing

So, someone (essentially) said to me, "who cares about how you drive if it's only making 10% MPG difference". This seemed a tad odd to me. I mean, if you're spending $1500/yr on gas with sloppy habits, improving your driving habits is going to save you $150 over the course of the year. It's also going to tend to save you on other, longer-term wear-and-tear expenses, but, just the gas differential should be enough. Whatever: I'm a cheap bastard. So, 10% reduction in an expense seems worth it, to me.
just got back to Carlisle. Donna's slavering over the family photo albums mom's giving me to scan in.
Shorts don't fit right when you put both feet through one hole
SoylentGreen(TM): It's what's for breakfast
burning discs is such a raucus fun time
slept for crap last night. Felt like my brain and body were unwired from each other. Really unsettling feeling, and not conduscive to sleep
uncontrollable telepathy would have to suck, though, having it near a mental asylum might be interesting
watching NetFlix streaming is a lot like watching the old Sunday Afternoon Movies (in the pre cable days)
tomorrow, drive up to PA. Taking care of dad's ashes this weekend. Happy Fathers Day, I guess.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

it's very clear that some people don't understand the difference between fuel efficiency and fuel economy
Good News: new HPSE installer makes installation a breeze; Bad News: gotta re-write a big chunk of my dox
in reading a German-language FB fan page posting, I realized that the Nazis have likely forever tainted the word "lebensraum"
i really don't understand card game-based cartoons - especially ones like Bakugan
homemade black raspberry lemonade is rather tasty

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

this connection-dropping during long file DLs is rather annoying when xfering ISOs
really need the ability to set friend suggestion thresholds. I.e., instead of suggesting anyone that any given friend knows, only suggest if three friends have the person in common.
there's little that's more unsettling than feeling disemboidied
SERIOUSLY freaking hating on this lousy connectivity, today. WTF?
freaking Internet connection. Dunno whether it's my WiFi AP, my VZ router or my FiOS connection, but shit keeps dropping
apparently, when you have too much music, media streamers have problems indexing it all. Need more memory/CPU.
here's hoping that ReadyDLNA works as well as Twonky did: it's a LOT less of a resource pig
AGH! 75% through a 3.4GB transfer running at 400KBs/ (and no checkpoints).
yup: definitely toomuchtime on some people's hands
so... is this a valid token for the
Love waiting for technology: got a system doing an automated build in one window and copying ISOs over the WAN in another.
Had a nice, late lunch: ham, brie and cornichons on a fresh-made baguette.
Had a nice, late lunch: ham, brie and cornichons on a fresh-made baguette.
I love that I can get files to the server network more quickly when VPNing from home than from the desktop network in the same building.
How not to wake up in the middle of the night: with your eyeball literally stuck to the bed sheets because you somehow managed to move in such a way that your eyelid got pried open (or you just opened them in your sleep) and you rolled your face onto your pillow "just so".
So, the Concrete Blonde show was pretty decent. They've gone back to a more spare, less produced sound.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Giving me an error but then not addressing how to correct the error in your documents does NOT make me a happy camper.
HP should be congratulated(?) on setting new standards in documentation quality
I can really only conclude that the movie studios pay people to post bogus reviews on sites like Rotten Tomatoes.

Dear Phisher:

Does it make any kind of sense sending me an email to tell me you've deactivated the account you've sent email to (and that I need to give my login info so you can re-enable it)? I dunno which is sadder: the stupidity of the phishing attempts or that there are likely people that fall for them.

Dear HP:

What the fuck is so difficult about producing good, step-by-step procedural documentation? VERITAS has managed to do so for YEARS.
Donna's hair is the weather-equivalent of a mood ring.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Splice is perhaps the most hatefully awful movie I've seen - worse, even, than Dungeons & Dragons was.
Just got back from seeing the cinematic atrocity that is "Splice". A movie so hatefully bad that I didn't want to get up and walk out because I wanted to get my full measure of bile-churning, seething hateful money's worth. I can only assume that "Splice" was more a reference to the method by which the "story" was thrown together than it was to the DNA-scrambling theme of the movie. Oh. My. Gawd: AWFUL.
The dogs seem to determined to knock into the fans such that they no longer blow air in a useful direction/arc.
Just love driving home in the rain. You'd think these gits never saw precipitation, before.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

About to watch Uwe Boll's "Rampage" to see if *any* of his movies aren't execrable.
napien does nothing to induce, deepen or prolong sleep, but it does make the sleeping interesting.