Saturday, June 12, 2010

another weekend, wasted. I'd abolish weekends, but they give a different kind of pointlessness to break the pointlessness of my work week.
I hate watching programs on DVR: invariably, I forget to blip through the commercials.
The dregs of the homemade cherry (or strawberry, raspberry, etc.) lemonade is always the best part.
listening to the growing rumble of storms scudding their way in.
I have a real mean streak. Sometimes, I actually try to fight it. Today... Still trying to decide whether I should, or not.
Is it still ok to tell people you "work out when you can" when you really never work out?
why the fuck do tomato plants gotta sprawl all over the damned place. Like freaking fruiting ivy out there.
I'm not a soccer fan. Fortunately, I can tell how USA-v-UK is going, just by reading Twitter and FB updates. is proof that musical tastes change over time.
Sometimes, I really wish there was an artist-level ban on Last.FM.
maybe I need a pacemaker for my brain?
"Five Guys" is a great name for a food place in a "that's what she said" kind of way.
Netflix is great for Pantsless Saturdays.
I'm going to collect plot coupons so I can trade them in on a nice, tasty dénouement.
insert pithy life commentary here
Thinking that napien and hitting the hay might be a better option to "Jesus Christ: Vampire Slayer"
So, uh, "Deadgirl" was a completely fucked movie.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sometimes, the experimental dinners are chock-full of massive failure.
I find it a touch annoying that NetSol is squatting on the domain. Someone musta been using their whois to check availability.
Loving having to take progress pictures of food
How owned by someone are you when you can't get them out of your head, even when celebrating sport's biggest trophy:
Is fully geeked by his new GPS.
There's little that's more offensive than having to read the manual for a gadget. FMEH!
WTF, Google: Why the hell can't I push entries in "My Maps" to my GPS? Doesn't do me much good to push Google-defined entities given that my GPS already is "Google-enabled" for all of those. Now I gotta manually enter everything into my GPS. Fuck you.
Teams should be able to offer capped-salary players percentages of that player's merchandise sales as non-capped compensation.
It's both heartening and depressing when even a vendor-employed engineer is having issues getting something working, too.
Some (am am I kidding - "many" or even "most") mornings, you wake up and all you can think is "meh".
Monsters, Inc. is still a pretty damned good movie.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

to all you hand-sanitizer users: it's going to be your fault when some benign critter turns into a super-bug that wipes us all out.
I find myself stuck DEEP in the summer sports doldrums: no hockey and even it's poor substitute, football, ain't available.
if you're a woman that feels like a skinny woman lives inside you and is screaming to get out, she can probably be shut up with cookies.
The "would you pay for that shit" argument should be an automatically winnable legal defense for P2Pers.
`wget` is a great tool but it sucks when it dies in the middle of an unattended directory-pull.
Donna makes a very satisfying shriek when you brandish a freshly-dispatched opossum at her. Almost as much fun as slugs.

Dear FB:

Who the fuck is "Camilla Butts" and why do you keep re-suggesting I add her as a friend. We've no common friends, I've already clicked "NO" several times now, and her profile's completely blank/locked-down. Stop, already.
Positive: able to get a new software release a couple weeks early/Negative: wget's running at < 2MB/s with several GB to pull.
The value of carrying A Discover Card is it makes your AmEx feel like it's actually useful.
Donna does NOT appreciate the high-quality opossum imitations: apparently, they're too accurately rendered.
isn't nearly as upset at the Flyers loss as he thought he might be. At least they didn't punk out.
Problem with Twitter is you never really know whether an account like @JLupul or @ScottieUpshall are the real deal. Cool if they are, though
I'm apparently a jackass, but not a dirtbag (according to Donna).
Quote of the day: "No amount of hand washing can cleanse a dick scientist's sense of shame."
Really: you gotta figure that bacon factory workers have to hate bacon. I know I hated pizza for years after working pizza delivery.
Wonder how much failed bacon goes home with bacon factory workers.
Only thing worse than knowing how food is made is knowing how INDUSTRIAL food is made. Ech.
Mmmm... Pork rinds's good eatin'!
my Stanley Cup playoff facial beard is now gone. Pictures of the fleecing to follow.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NBCSports: FUUUUUCK YOU. Chicago won by ONE freak goal in OT to take the Cup. Hardly a resounding endorsement of being the superior team.
Time to go shave...
How the fuck does someone who's a non-presence through half the series win the fucking MVP?? Fuck you, Bettman.
I'm pretty sure that, were it not for hockey, Roenick would have ended up in porn (looks like Randy West
No matter how this game/series turn out, Capital One *has* to get Hartnell into one of their vikings commercials.

Dear Danny:

If you're gonna crosscheck, do it to their heads or necks - you know head-shots get a free pass in this series.

Our Father who art in Philly, Hockey be thy name.Thy will be done, thy cup be won, not tonight but Friday in Chicago. Give us this day our daily hockey sticks, and forgive us our penalties, as we forgive those who cross-check against us. Lead us not into elimination, but into victory. In the name of Lord Stanley, the fans,... and the Flyers organization.... Amen.
I would pay real money to sponsor a career-ending crosscheck to Byfuglien's neck.
fill this space with an uncomfortable silence.
So... Giving Amazon a couple hundred dollars for a new GPS was not enough to cause the old GPS to show itself. Oh well...
I really wonder why it is people drive 90MPH in the snow and ice, but then crawl in the rain. 90+ minutes for 20mi. is ridiculous.
driving through VADoT construction makes you think the agency's run by lobotomized morons.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some days, I just want to rip all the bloatware out and run just Lynx and Pine for my online tools.
Ok. So, I may have to ditch Chrome. The constant/forced updates changing pages' behaviors - often times NOT for the better - is getting old. When I visit sites I know are going to pop shit up, I add hosts table entries to make it so nothing pops up. Popping up an empty frame to tell me you couldn't connect kind of defeats the purpose of such null-hosting. Making it so I can't dismiss the notification is completely maddening. Fuck you, Google.
I find it really distasteful to hear about people's "social media strategies". Ugh. Fuck you and your "strategies".
I really wish I could have crushed the hood of the car driven by Grandma Nosferatu. Speed through the grocery store parking lot and almost run me down, then blare your horn at me? Fuck that noise.
is "ethics-driven investor" just another way of saying "doesn't make much money"
Glad I ain't trying to fly out of, into or through DCA, today...
Fuck you, LJ: me hitting "return" when you suggest an autocomplete for the "to:" isn't your signal to send a null message.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Awesome: "why would you waste time castrating someone who comments on the inaccuracy of a comic about comic book characters? it just seems redundant."
best movie quote I've heard in a while: "So what was all that about enlarged holes and tight cracks?"
Do koala farts really smell like coughdrops?
Printer technology still sucks. Given how long printing tech has sucked, I've no hope for that suckitude going way in my lifetime.
five minutes of pure, modulated-feedback rarely qualifies as music.
the problem with working in IT is it's far too easy to be drowned in alphabet-soup.
A man can only take so much. For whatever reason, I decided to do a musical endurance test. I switched my Last.FM station to the Lady Gaga channel. I made it a few minutes, but I thought that my amp had committed suicide rather than play more of it (music just sorta stopped for a bit). Oh well, test complete.
Still frequently hates to deal with MS Windows.

Dear Garmin:

Go fuck yourself with your cell phone application. I can see paying $100 per device, ONCE, but if I upgrade or replace my phone you'd demand I re-buy it? Yeah, not happening.

Oh, and it's mighty white of you to "at your sole discretion" re-license me if my phone has to be replaced due to damage within 12 months of purchase of the app.
discovered that urbandictionary failed to have entries for "refrigerator roulette" and "refrigerator spelunking". Situation rectified.
I sometimes wonder how differently Apple's performance might have been had PT Barnum had been CEO rather than Jobs. I can't see that there'd be much difference...

Dear Facebook:

I don't understand your friend suggestion algorithms. If a suggestion isn't a friend of a friend; is no where near me in age or geography, and/or has their profile so locked down that I can't see ANY points of commonality, why would I take your suggestion. Your software should be sophisticated enough to suss out that don't seek validation via friend-count.