Saturday, June 5, 2010

going to find out whether the NetFlix version of Donnie Darko is the original or an "enhanced" version.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

damn: blueberry/banana icecream (Philadelphia-style) *and* blueberry strussel-topped muffins in the same day!

Dear Verizon:

Adding a YouTube widget that requires me to run Media Manager on my PC isn't the same as really supporting YouTube on your STB. Any widget that runs on your box really should have all of its functionality built in. I get that such takes up memory/storage space, but, it really strikes me as kind of "cheating" to say that you support 'functionality X' when the functionality doesn't quite reside on your device. I mean, if I'm gonna run Media Center on my laptop, why wouldn't I just hook my laptop directly up to my TV or stereo? Why would I want to run it through your piece of shit set-top box? Do I need fifteen layers of indirection just to do something simple?