Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You Will Never Convince Me That Furries Aren't Creepy

I get the whole "different strokes for different folks" thing. I mean, there's probabably (quite a few) things I do that people would lump under that heading. I just don't get furries. 

First off, those suits have to be hot and sweaty. The furries I've run into over the years all have kind of a nasty, sour-sweat "funk" to them. I can't see engaging in intimate acts in those rigs. I mean, I find the DC heat to be "wilting" enough. I can't imagine trying to function inside a heat-intensifier like a furry's suit. Plus, the aforementioned smell: how could you stand your own stink or how could you want to get busy with someone that smelled like sweat-rotted faux fur??

/me shudders

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