Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Commuting Disaster

Today was, apparently, infrastructure Armageddon day. Within a couple miles of my house, there were two water main breaks (one in my neighborhood), a utility pole down and miscellaneous construction projects. In the end, it took me 47 minutes to go just two miles of the 19 miles I have to cover to get to work.

The traffic snarls also very clearly illustrated just how many assholes like to use my neighborhood as a cut-through to get from Telegraph road to Kings Highway (or the reverse). It also illustrated how many people use both my neighborhood and the next subdivision over to get from US-1 to Telegraph Road.

Ugh. What a nightmare.

All the obvious cut-throughs make me wish the entrance roads to our neighborhood(s) were like some of the streets I saw in Amsterdaam (you have to have a card-key or get authorized by one of the neighborhood residents in order for electronic roadblocks to be cleared for you).

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