Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Good (!) Cheer

I guess a Halloween isn't complete with a good, stupid-inducing drunkening. Nothing like hearing people stumble their way into the house because they're stumbling-drunk. Well, I guess being woken in the middle of the night by their drunken stumbling to the bathroom's pretty high up on that same, "shit that really fucking annoys the hell out of me" list.

Nothing I love more than waking up as furious as I went to bed. Others' chronic drunkenness is rage-inducing. Having to witness it just before bed tends to leave me in a bad mood. Not terribly conduscive to sleeping. Even less conduscive is being woken by drunken stumblings. All in all, it results in waking up in a rather foul mood (and that's on top of the "oh, fuck: it's Monday" mood).

Thanks. Love starting my day just as pissed as I ended the previous one.

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