Friday, October 8, 2010

Did Not Look Good

I like icehockey. Specifically, I like the Philadelphia Flyers. But, I live in the DC Metro-region, so, Caps are always available to watch on local TV/Cable. The Flyers weren't playing tonight (else, I'd be watching via NHL Center Ice), any way, so, I decided to watch the Caps game.

Less than five minutes into the game, play had to be stopped. The Thrashers' goaltender, Ondrej Pavelec, collapsed away from the play. When they finally got the camera on him, his eyes were closed and he was scary-still. Watching it play out, all I could think was "aneurysm" (or, that it had to have been some kind of neurological or cardio/pulmonary event). None of the things that sprang immediately to mind to explain the bizarre situation were good. That he appeared to not move, not even a twitch, between when he collapsed and they gurneyed him off the ice, only reinforced that. About the only (potentially) good sign was that they'd not given him CPR. So, either he wasn't in that level of distress or he'd died on the ice and was obviously not savable (even then, I think they'd have rendered CPR just to show that "they tried").

Hopefully, he recovers. Hopefully, he's not another Jiri Fisher situation.

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