Friday, October 22, 2010

Unfortunate Similarity

I've mentioned this many times, online, but don't recall whether I have on this particular blog: I have epilepsy. Seizures are both a frightening and interesting experience. I mean, they're an experience that, if you knew that you could limit them to when you wanted them, might make an interesting alternative to getting high. Unfortunately, their occurrence is random and rarely happen at times that are anything close to when you'd actually appreciate one (e.g., you'd not want one while driving or operating heavy machinery, at work or other public activities).

At any rate, sometimes, when I play Halo online, I get stuck with a really laggy server. The herky-jerkiness of it creates a distortion of the normal reality/experience of the game. Sometimes, it's almost reminiscent of the fractured reality one experiences while having a seizure.

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