Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Public Safety"

So, DC likes to deploy commercially-operated speed-camera cars on major roadways through DC. For a long time, they used to station vehicles on I-295 near the Pennsylvania Avenue interchange. Right now, however, that area's under massive construction and there's no longer shoulders to station the camera vehicles on.

It seemed, for quite a while, that this prevented them from running their cash-collection scheme. Hadn't seen the camera cars in months (or the brakelight evidence of their presence). But, clearly, with city finances "public safety" at stake, this was a situation that couldn't be allowed to last. Well, tonight, I noticed that they found a new place to park their camera vehicles: just north of where I-295 South widens to three lanes before the new Woodrow Wilson bridge.

No, they didn't flag me. I noticed brake lights and a white flash (apparently, someone didn't notice soon enough). I'm so glad to see that "public safety" is being restored.

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