Monday, October 18, 2010

XBox Live

Ok, so, I deactivated my FaceBook account (sorta wonder how long they leave it re-activatable). As a result, I'm sorta out of contact with a number of people, again. Then again, I don't have to worry about how my various random musings are being interpreted - well, other than when some people forget that not everything is about them or that not every statement has any real value beyond comic-relief. But, I digress...

At any rate, buddy of mine (former roommate and best man at my wedding) recently got Halo: Reach. We've kinda drifted apart does that. I'd previously tried helping him wire his house for Ethernet so he could get online and we could start playing games again (figured, gametime was easier that sorting out busy family, work and social schedules). Alas, his XBox wasn't in the part of the house we wired. It was in his man-cave, not in the living room with the big TV and the network drop.


So, when he told me he got Reach, I asked if he was planning to get his XBox hooked up. He hemmed and hawed, so, I informed him "you're getting your Christmas present early" and got him a WiFi adapter and XBox Live Gold membership for his system.

Finally he's online and we were able to game. Now he just needs to get a headset!

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