Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dear Last.FM:

How about adding a "ban artist" feature? I mean, there's just certain artists I don't like - I don't care how much you think they are similar to artists I do like nor whether they have been tagged with one of the tags I've set as a listen channel. Having to ban each individual track of theirs you present to me is both annoying and inefficient. I have to also think that it will result in smaller ban tables, as you'd be maintaining a single ban entry rather than several. As a side thought to that, you might want to consider adding logic that say, "user has banned greater than X tracks from artist Y: ask them if they want to ban the artist". If the user responds in the affirmative, delete all the per-track bans into an artist ban; if the user responds in the negative, reset the counter to zero and re-prompt if they ban further tracks (up to that threshhold).

Also: if I remove an artist from my library, please don't suggest them to me after that. I mean, if I bothered to remove them from my library, it's because I don't like them. It really doesn't matter how many other artists in my library you consider them to be similar to, if I don't like them, you ain't changing my mind (so stop trying).

Overall, I don't want my library and preferences to be polluted.

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