Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Likes Jelly Beans

Every so often, Donna likes to stop at the tea and coffee shop down on the Strand in Old Towne Alexandria. While she's there loading up on exotic teas, I head to the back of the store and hit the bins of jelly beans. On prior trips, I'd always just filled one bag. However, the last trip, Donna was exasperated by how filled to capacity I'd made my one bag. So, she'd said, "next time, just use two bags: we can't get this one shut". 

Today, I did just that: I got a second bag. I got up to the counter and she was all upset with the results ...As I'd filled two bags to capacity. Ok, so, yeah, maybe four pounds of jelly beans is a bit much, but she told me to use two bags.

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