Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stupidity Tax

Pretty much, that's how I look at moving violations (and similar fines). Mostly, you get nailed when you're doing something stupid, being impatient or just being inattentive.

Today, I got hit with a stupidity-tax by way of the Fairfax County police department. I was leaving work and my GPS alerted me to a major traffic problem on my usual route home. So, I took its suggestion and went a "back way". Unfortunately, not being familiar with it, I ended up "being stupid" and got nailed for it. Apparently, in Fairfax County, if you pull onto the shoulder before the lane markings officially designate it as the turn lane, it's a violation (specifically, "passing on the shoulder").

Oh well. Should be interesting to see how much fifty yards costs me.

At least the cop was really cool and professional about it. Given the horror-shows that are other local jurisdictions (I'm looking at you, PG County PD), it's nice to know that your local police act like professionals. Too bad the twat who got pulled over with me had to turn into a whiny bitch. As it was, from request to pull over to issuance of citation, I only lost six minutes of time - less time than what the GPS said getting stuck on my normal route would have cost me. Dunno how much time she was going to waste trying to fight a ticket she surely deserved.

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