Sunday, September 26, 2010

What to do With Extra Ground Meat?

Friday, we went to the Springfield farmers market and bought a 3½lb. buffalo shoulder. I trimmed it and chopped it into 1" cubes and Donna ground it up into fresh buffalo burger with the meat-grinding attachment on the KitchenAide. Last night was to be burger-night with the fresh-ground meat.

Donna baked up a batch of hamburger buns and chopped up a fresh-picked yellow onion.

I took the beef and the chopped onion, and mixed them together with some capers, the remains of a block of blue cheese and some wocestershire sauce and made up some nice, flavorful, hand-formed patties. Tossed them on the grill. I thinly sliced a couple of green zebra tomatoes Donna'd picked from the garden, that day, and topped the burgers with them and a little more blue cheese. I slathered the buns with some Löwensenf mustard and homemade ketchup and tossed on a leaf of hydroponic lettuce.

The results were rather good. However, 3½lb.of ground buffalo shoulder minus two servings of hamburger patties meant we had still had  2lbs of unused meat to sort out. So, tonight, Donna's mixing in some ground pork and making a bacon-draped meatloaf. House is already smelling pretty damned good. Still... Gotta figure out what to do with the remaining pound of meat.

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