Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sobering Reminders

So my dogs, Lana and Puckett are both on Dogster; our cats, Bella and Grumbles, are on Catster. I rarely log into either site. Basically, I only log in when I get some kind of email that reminds me of their existence. Today was the first day in at least a year since last logging in.

So, I took the opportunity to look through our herd's profiles. Each has a set of "friends" (dogs or cats of people that like the looks of our pets and sent out a "friend" request). I was sad to note that several of the "friends" were listed as deceased. Sadly, I look at my 8 year old dogs and 11 year old cats and am reminded that, all too soon, they'll have "RIP" placed next to their names, as well.

Unexpected sobering reminder... Last time I felt like this was last spring, when we were looking at relocating to Germany and I was taking care of pet-related paperwork. On the dogs' health reports were their ages - 7 at the time. I realized that I'd been on the road, away from home and them, for nearly five of those seven years. Basically, I'd been traveling for slightly less time than we'd had both dogs. Was like a kick in the gut.

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