Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some Injuries Suck Worse Than Others

Being injured sucks. Chronic injury (at least the pain that goes with it) sucks worse. But, I think the injuries that suck the most are "situational injuries" that are otherwise hidden.

For the last week or so, I've had a flareup of patellar tendonitis. This is something that first hit me in college, but has been fairly mild most of the rest of my life. Under certain loading conditions, it feels like the connective tissue (about an inch below the knee joint) is fraying or delaminating from its attachment point. When it really flares, there's a bit of constant, dull pain that tends to weaken the entire area and makes the knee feel laterally unstable. However, for the most part, because it's a situational injury, it doesn't visibly manifest itself.

Because it doesn't manifest itself in an externally obvious fashion, it feels like a really lame (pardon the pun) injury. If someone asks you to do something you know is going to tweak it, the sensible part of you wants to take a pass on the task. And, when you try to explain that you have to take a pass because of your knee, but otherwise aren't limping, it makes you feel like a malingerer.


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