Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eventful Day

Twenty two years ago, I was in my first couple of weeks of freshman Year at PSU. I had yet to latch onto the party scene there, so, I was even sober, all day. I woke up, today, realizing that most of my teachers from pre-school and primary school are all likely rolling up on retirement age. I still remember most of their names. Can't say the same of my professors at PSU as, with the exception of my first semester, I was chronically pickled and rarely in class.

Nine years ago, Donna and I were packing to get ready to fly out to Chicago. I was working as an engineer for the Digex Unix team, and was scheduled to meet with one of our largest customers at the time. As we were bustling about, starting to get packed, the morning news show switched their coverage just in time to show the second plane smacking into the second of the WTC buildings. Became rather evident that we weren't going anywhere, that day. Went out, got breakfast at IHOP, then waited in line in the hot, early fall sun to give blood at the Woodburn Center in Fairfax. Donna, the veteran blood-donor, ended up passing out after getting siphoned. When we tried to go back home, found that her house was inside the "no cars" zone and mine was inside the guarded but minimized travel zone. So, Donna ended up crashing out at my place.

Later today, I get to watch a friend get married.

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