Saturday, August 28, 2010

So Much Wrong...

Other than as a visual masterpiece, Avatar is total rubbish. I mean, even considering the whole "Dances with Catpeople" storyline, there's just so much crap in it. Seeing it more than once just allows you to see so much more of that crappiness. I mean, (just for example) why were the Na'vi the only non-hexapods in the entire animal biomass of Pandora. Even the Pandoran simian-cognates were six-limbed critters. EVERY higher animal lifeform was six-limbed. Yet, somehow, the Na'vi were singular in their evolution to have only FOUR limbs. I mean, if we're going to make the leap of faith to think that some human's gonna "go native" to the point of banging an alien, then why can't she be a six-limbed alien.

Fmeh... For as much imagination in execution that this film displayed, the utter lack of imagination in the central characters is even more jarring.

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