Saturday, August 28, 2010

Savoring the Future

As I sit here, digesting a nice meal of beer-boiled grilled bratwurst, Bratkartoffeln and finished with homemade applesauce, I look forward to the coming spring. We'll be ablt to both repeat and improve upon tonight's dinner.

We'll have restocked our supply of applesauce - made from the bounty of the fall farmers' markets (mostly, from Westmooreland Farms and their awesome apples). We'll hopefully still have wintered-over potatoes from the front garden (supplemented with potatoes from the Falls Church Farmers' Market). We'll definitely have onions - both the extremely assertive ones form our garden and from the local farmers markets. We'll be able to spice it up with mushroom accents from the guy that sells the Mother Earth mushrooms (at the Falls Church market). And, we'll, hopefully, be supplementing with our own asparagus. Toss in brats from Cibola (or even the one sausage maker), and it will be another gastronomic return to Heidelberg, Germany.

I think what I'm most looking forward to is the asparagus that Donna planted, this year. Even though, at first - particularly during the hot, dry part of the early summer - out in the front bed are five, thriving asparagus crowns. It won't be quite the Heidelberg (white) Spargel experience as, at least this coming first harvesting season, it will be grüner spargel. However, it's still something to look forward to. And, as the years go by, and the asparagus becomes more hardy, we can experiment with trying to get some of it to come up white.

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