Thursday, August 26, 2010

Laugh It Up...

Ok, so, for whatever freaking reason, Donna claims to like me with more facial hair than just the goatee. I'd made the mistake of going full-lumberjack due to the whole "Beardathon" thing for the Stanley Cup Playoffs (who freaking knew that they Flyers, having only just barely squeaked in would take it to game six of the Stanley Cup Finals to exit out). I'd shaved it off when it was all over, but, almost immediately she started whining for me to grow it back. Bleah. I hate having a full beard. I do not like feeling like a damned lumberjack. So, at first, I just kepped it neatly shaped. But, even so, I wanted it gone. I said as much, and she asked me not to get rid of it all. So, I compromised (I knew she had a thing for sideburns/chops). This is the result:

It looks and feels ridiculous to me. But, at the same time, given the paucity of the growth on my pate (scalp, not the meat-mush, you knobs), "self-expression" via beard is mostly what's left to me.

Bah! I don't think I'm much longer for this look. When you're like me, more facial hair actually means more upkeep, not less.

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