Monday, August 30, 2010

Just So Wrong...

I was rather dubious as to how this day would go. You see, Sunday, after Donna had dragged me out to help her go fabric shopping (and the comedy of retardedness it entailed...), we stopped of at the German Gourmet to pick up some goodies. I (generally) really like their berliners. They're a lovely, light pastry filled with fruit compote. Most times, they have raspberry. Sunday, they had blueberry. So, we picked a couple up and took them home. I was planning to eat one for breakfast, this morning.

Now, you might not immediately notice what's wrong with the picture, above. Take a moment to look closely. Can you tell me why this was not the breakfast I'd been anticipating? Yup: fucker was completely devoid of the delicious blueberry filling. So, I did not start my day with anything approaching a "complete breakfast". Hell, it wasn't even much of a junk breakfast, as, shortly after taking this photo, I dumped it in the compost. Don't get me wrong, the pastry was still damned good, but, the "total package" just wasn't quite there.
How the fuck does this even happen? Was somebody making a joke??

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