Thursday, August 19, 2010

Airlines Evil

Is it a good sign or a bad sign that the airfare for our December cruise came out to $666?

Though, it's one of those lower-order worries. I mean, the overall expense of this trip is piling up:

  • Our cruise leaves out of San Juan, PR. So, had to fly down. Originally, was going to fly down the Saturday immediately prior the cruise-departure day and fly back the Sunday following the cruise's return to port. However, the airfare would have been over $1000. $666 is a comparative bargain
  • The cruise itself is over $2500 for the cabin
  • Gonna have to take cabs between home and DCA (local airport)
  • Gonna have to take cabs between SJU, our hotel in San Juan and the port facilities. Not horrible, but, it adds up
  • Have to board the dogs ...and that's usually better than $60/day.
  • Don't yet know how much baggage fees are going to be
  • Hotel would have been nearly $200/night, but I still had hotel points left from when I traveled for a living. So, at least that's $600 I'm not spending.

I mean, just the travel-components are going to be nearly $5K for this trip. And, I know Donna's gonna want to go site-seeing (i.e., "shopping") at the various ports of call. Then there's however much alcohol and the other activities cost.

Yeah: there's a reason I don't take vacations all that often.

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