Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gotta Get a Real Pasta-maker

Another fine "Dinner by Donna":

  • A main dish of spaghetti with meatballs and marinara sauce
    • Marinara was from the tomato sauce she canned last year, spiced up with fresh onions, mushrooms and herbs
    • Meatballs made from ground buffalo, veal and pork, seasoned and seared
    • Alas, the pasta was store-bought
  • Fresh, made from scratch garlic bread
  • A nice salad of fresh field greens (hydroponically-grown, but any ways), tomatoes, onions and cucumbers from the garden and homemade salad dressing
  • Served with a nice glass of "Zen of Zin" red wine

Can you tell I'm married to a gawth? What with the black tablecloth and the pirate-themed, black linen napkins?

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