Friday, August 20, 2010

A Dinner of Lobster Rolls

In the summer time, we like to make a dinner of the occasional, fresh made lobster rolls on homemade rolls. It's truly a combined effort: Donna or I dunk the live lobsters into the pot; I divest them of their shells; she makes the meat into lobster salad to be put onto the rolls.

Alive and kicking

Just out of the pot

First one's shell

First one's meat

Two lobsters' worth of shells and meat

The finished product
All in all, it's a rather tasty treat. We only do it once or twice a summer. Some years we do shrimp rolls, instead, but shrimp's prices are rather higher than normal, this year. It's a nice, light meal that goes well with the summer weather. Would have had (yet another) caprese salad, but, I forgot to do one up. Oh well, "tomorrow". Besides: we still have more lobster salad to kill, tomorrow. So, looks like leftovers for lunch.

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