Friday, August 27, 2010

Dear Puckett:

On the whole, you're an awesome dog. I realize that I am a great setter of bad examples for behavior. And, sometimes, when you're being a dick, it's kind of funny. However, when I've dropped icecubes on the floor, either eat them or don't. If you don't eat them, then let that be the end of it. If you choose not to eat them, I'll just pick them up and drop them in your waterdish.

I realize that ice floating in the waterdish is great potential fun. However, their presence in your waterdish is not a requirement for you to go fishing. Nor is it a requirement for you to slosh water all over the place in their pursuit. And, if you're going to bother fishing them out, have the decency to finish the job and eat them. Fishing them out and then leaving them to sit - making cold little puddles on the floor - is not what I'd refer to as "optimal dog behavior". In fact, as annoying as finding melting icecubes knocked under appliances, shelving or into lonely corners is, random spots of wet from icecubes simply abandoned in the middle of the room manages to be even more annoying.

Knock it off.

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