Friday, July 30, 2010

Call me "Mr. Sensitivity"

"You HAD to remind me of that" is not the way to answer back when your wife wistfully recalls the day, 8yrs prior, you proposed to her...

And, yes, I did actually say that, not just think it. I am a bit of a bastard that way. But, still... The look on Donna's face was priceless! Even had I the opportunity to not say it (i.e. proactive hindsight), I'd have to say it just so I could see that look again. I mean, she's gotten to the point where she knows that  most of the horrible things I say are for laughs and shock value, but she still has to fight it, some times. And, it's the look she gets when trying to fight/ignore it that's just so darned cute.

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