Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just Discovered the "Fountain of Age"

Today, we celebrated my friend Matt's coming shackling to the institution of marriage. We started the day by having a nice, private-party, paintball outing. Just Matt and nine other friends (myself included in that nine). We wen't to Pev's Paintball in Aldie, VA.

For late July (does it get any later than July 31st) in northern VA, it wasn't too bad. It was sunny, but not (overly) punishingly so. It was only in the low 90s and the humidity likely was only in the 80s. There was just enough of a breath of a breeze to let you know what relief might feel like, without providing any actual relief. Still. It could have been last weekend with its +113° heat index.

Unfortunately, I don't really do heat. I never have. I've always been much more comfortable dealing with cold (hell, I wore shorts to class in January when I was going to PSU!). My professional life has been almost exclusively indoors and air-conditioned.

We played against each other for a couple hours. They were a couple hours, after which, made me feel every single one of my forty years. Mostly, it was the heat. The activity really wasn't that grueling - other than trying to breath the summer Virginia air through the protective mask. It made me long for the days before they worried about making paintball safe - when all they really demanded was a semi-functional gun (with no metering of the velocities) and ski goggles. At least with just goggles, I could breath.

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